Car tyres in Skövde

When car tyres are worn out they must be disposed of in a good, environmentally correct way. This is done through the tyre industry's company Svensk Däckåtervinning AB (Swedish Tyre Recycling). SDAB organises the collection and recycling of all used tyres in Sweden. In recent years the level of collection and recycling in Sweden has reached virtually 100 per cent. Consumers accept their environmental responsibility by paying a recycling charge when they buy new tyres, and the cement industry is the biggest single recipient and recycler of used tyres.

During 2004/2005 SDAB conducted an environmental impact study on the processing of used car tyres. The study covered a large number of environmental parameters, which were then evaluated in terms of their environmental impact. The results showed that one of the best ways to dispose of used tyres is to process them in cement kilns.

As cement kilns operate at high, stable tempartures, they are particularly suitable for the incineration of alternative fuels. A tyre consists of rubber and metal in the form of steel cords and studs. The rubber is burnt and replaces fossil fuels. As cement kilns operate at high temperatures, cord and studs are also recycled for used as an alternative raw material, which can replace other sources of iron in cement production.

At the plant in Skövde, used tyres can also be recycled without being shredded or processed. The tyres are rolled into the kiln system, where they are burnt and recycled. Skövde is situated in a densely populated part of the country, and a large proportion of the tyres used come from regions within a short transport distance.

At present about 15 per cent of the factory's fossil fuels are being replaced by used car tyres.