Hans Andersson Recycling Skövde

Producing fuel from waste for the main burner of a cement kiln requires a relatively sophisticated sorting and treatment process. The waste is handled, sorted and quality-assured in a process involving several stages. The first facility in Sweden for producing a main-burner fuel from waste has been set up in Skövde by a partner of HC Miljö.

Hans Andersson Recycling AB has built a process facility in Skövde where advanced technology can upgrade waste to a main-burner fuel for the cement industry.

All material is handled under a roof, and the process stages are as follows:

Pre-sorting. Incoming waste is sorted into different fractions, including a fraction for recycling and a combustible fraction that is suitable for fuel manufacture.
Pre-crushing of the combustible fraction.
Sorting in several stages, where the combustible fraction passes air sieves, magnets and other sorting procedures.
Fine grinding, where the combustible fraction is ground into a main-burner fuel comprising pieces no larger than 20 mm.
The main-burner fuel is tested for quality and stored before delivery.

A main-burner fuel that is made from waste replaces fossil fuels in cement production, and is helping HCNE attain its vision of carbon dioxide-neutral cement manufacture.